Thursday, April 20, 2017


"Be soft but unafraid to conquer."


Growing up I think I struggled with who I wanted to be and how I wanted others to see. As a little girl I was very quiet and very shy, so I guess you could call me soft. But because I got bullied and walked over I realized that being soft was not going to work for me, so growing in to high school I became unafraid. I had a strong personality and if anything I was going to be the one walking over others before I let others walk over me. However, I don't think going full blown unafraid really worked for me either because inherently, I am not that kind of person and I didn't want to be that kind of person. So in college I began to learn how to be more me - the softer me, but to not forget what I learned about being bold and unafraid. I think I'm still learning how to find the perfect balance because it seems like in each new stage of my life I've always gone back to being the soft and quiet little girl I was twenty years ago. But from my experience I can tell you that to be soft you must also be unafraid in order to conquer.


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Monday, April 17, 2017

Growing Flowers

"Raise your words not your voice. 
It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder."

Growing flowers.

I've always loved and appreciated the beauty of flowers, but I never understood how difficult it was to grow beautiful flowers. Growing up, my parents made tending to a garden look easy. It seemed like whatever they planted grew - whether it be flowers, trees, fruits, vegetables, or herbs. Therefore, inherently, I thought that growing a plant was not that hard: as long as I planted, watered, and let the sun shine my little seeds would sprout. Unfortunately, it seems to be that I was not blessed with a green thumb and most plants that fall under my care wilt sooner than they blossom. I've come to find that successfully growing a plant takes time, patience, and measured care. They do not require too much of any one thing but just enough of each. Like us, plants are delicate but resilient. Some seasons they bloom more beautifully than others - it all depends on circumstance. We must let it rain, but we can't let it pour, we must let the sun shine but not so much that it scorches; we must raise our words and not our voices because if the weather turns then the flowers cannot grow.


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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Recreate & Repeat

"Document the moments you feel most in love with yourself - what you're wearing, who you're around what you're doing. Recreate and repeat."

Recreate and repeat.

The older I've gotten the more aware I've become of the moments that I've felt most in love with myself, with life, and with the people that I'm with. I've become much more in tune with what makes me truly happy and when I am truly happy. I've made it a point to live my life around those moments and those people and to try my best to document them so I never forget. As much as this blog and my Instagram are a creative outlet they're also very much a chronology of my life, and I love that I will always have a space to go back to when I want to look back on the last x number of years of my life. I'm in a very different place in my life now than when this blog first came to be in my college days and I know in a few years time I will be saying the same exact thing. But what will not change is the moments that I felt most in love, and all of that will be as well documented as I could have it be. Like this particular weekend - one of the first beautiful Sundays of the year, post brunch and ice cream, and laughing my butt off convinced that these creaky wooden steps were going to collapse any minute because I was sure they were termite-eaten and internally rotting. It's these kind of moments of simple joy that I want to document, recreate, and repeat.


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Monday, April 10, 2017

Cherry Trees

"I want
To do with you what spring does with the cherry trees."

Cherry trees.

In my mind, spring is the quintessential creation of beauty. It's nature's own form of a sigh of relief - when she can finally let go of what she's been holding onto tightly during the last few months of bitter winter; a sigh of relief like the way the petals of a flower gently unfold and blossom. Cherry blossoms are one of the first flowers to bloom in spring and crowds of people flock to the places that are known for their cherry blossoms, like Japan or Washington D.C. Like many others, I too love cherry blossoms so I began to wonder why? What sets the cherry trees apart from all the other trees and flowers that also blossom in spring? In Japan the cherry blossom represents the fragility and beauty of life. And I think that in our own subconscious we all realize this. We marvel at their short-lived beauty each year because it reminds us of how beautiful but delicate life can be. It also reminds us that in due time, in the right season, beauty will blossom.


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Thursday, April 6, 2017


"Slowly, life forms from between the jagged lines in this crumbling sidewalk. Weeds, maybe. Miracles, perhaps. But for me, a small reminder than you can {and you must} grow wherever your soul has been planted."


I'm a firm believer that we are all dealt our own hand in life and everyone's hand is different. Our lives take us in different directions and different paths - maybe ones we imagined for ourselves and maybe not. It's easy to compare our lives to those of the people around us and it's something that we tend to do often. But we have to remember that our souls have been planted in different places. Where we are rooted will yield different crops and that's okay. Sometimes we may struggle to grow and we wonder if this is really where we should be trying to thrive. Is this where I should be planted, and is this the ground that I should be watering? Will my efforts yield a bountiful return on investment? 90% of the time I know I'm planted where the sun shines and the rains pour and the ground is fertile, but 10% of the time the grass seems greener on the other side. The seed of doubt creeps in and I wonder if I should uproot myself and plant myself elsewhere. During those times, I remind myself that the clouds will pass, the sun will shine, and the future is bright.


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