Hi there! My name is Erica Y, aka E, and welcome to Refined Couture! This blog is a telescope into my life via my wardrobe. I consider myself a clothing connoisseur of sorts as an avid curator of fashionable pieces and an openly admitted shopaholic. I shop high end and low end, but in the real end I will always be a bargain hunter at heart. Join me on my blogging venture and shop my picks, but be forewarned - I've been told I'm kind of an enabler when it comes to making your wallet bleed. It is one of my many mundane talents in life, others which also include the perfect manicure and a fresh face of makeup. What can I say? I am a true girly girl and I am not ashamed.

I'm an extremely passionate person and a firm believer in always pursuing your own happiness. Your life is your very own fleeting canvas, so paint it beautifully and never stop believing that your dreams will not one day be your reality. Thank you for stopping by and for showing your support! I am eternally grateful for all the positive vibes, warm regards, and love from the Refined Couture community. Hope to see you soon in my little corner of the interweb! :)

E ♥