Hi there! I'm Erica,
writer, photographer, and content creator 
behind Refined Couture.

This blog started in 2012 as a creative outlet showcasing my personal style when I was in college. I have always been a writer at heart, so I combined my love for writing, fashion, and photography to share my style and the subsequent thoughts it provoked. 

Refined Couture has evolved a lot over the years, and in the last few years it's taken a backseat in my life for me to grow as an individual. While I've re-branded on Instagram from Refined Couture to simply @ericacyang_, the roots of this blog still remain.

It's been three years since I put this blog on hold, and in that time I've pivoted career paths to doing a job I love. I live and breathe fashion at my 9-5, but in my heart of hearts there's still more. There's a girl who loves luxury, beauty, traveling the world, and all the little things in between. 

I hope you find inspiration and knowledge from Refined Couture, and I hope to share with you what sparks joy for me, so you too can be your happiest, most confident self. I am eternally grateful for all the support, positivity,  and love I've received from this community since I started sharing on my little corner of the internet. Thanks for stopping by!

With love,


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