Cotton Candy Skies

J. Crew Cardigan | Top from Macy's | BLANKNYC Jeans - love these, similar here | Coach Bag - similar here | J. Crew Belt - similar here | DV by Dolce Vita Espadrilles - similar here | Michael Kors Watch

Hey! Hope everyone is having a good week so far! Today's outfit is my rendition of what I like to call the cotton candy pairing aka a playful pink and blue combination. I'm always a bit hesitant to pair lighter pinks and blues together because of the aforementioned cotton candy syndrome or the fear of having it appear too much like a baby However, it's always fun to take one of these tricky combinations and create a chic outfit. I picked up these bright blue pants last summer from Madewell and I wanted to see what other pairing I could come up with aside from just a plain white. I love this Jackie cardigan from J.Crew, particularly for its adorable gold anchor button, and it made for a pretty cute match overall with the minimally ruffled top! Unfortunately, the one I have is all sold out, but they do have other colors both online and in-store. What are some color combinations that you are hesitant to try out? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Really adore those anchor details on the gold buttons. Although the colors might resemble cotton candy, I actually like it, I think the stripes gives the outfit a preppier feel to it, so it isn't just straight on pink & blue & some cotton candy lol I think one color combo that I'm afraid to try would probably be Purple & Green, something about it just reminds me of the Hulk lol I know it's silly, but whenever I accidentally pair the two together, I always change my mind because I'm reminded of the Hulk.. how odd am I?

  2. Thanks Christine! :) Lol at your Hulk reference! I totally also fear purple and green, but instead of the Hulk I either think of Mardi Gras....or Barney which is much much worse hahaha.

  3. aawww you look so charming in this! :D love the button details!!

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  4. such an adorable outfit you put together! and you definitely do not look like baby shower ;) I'm especially loving that cute striped cardigan.


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