Think and Reflect

"Hold fast to dream, for if dreams die life is a broken-winged bird, that cannot fly."

Taking a step back.

It's been over a month now since I've returned from Greece, and you might have noticed that I've been posting a little more sporadically than I usually do because I've been trying to churn out all of my Greece posts. I'm still waiting on photos for one last post that I did not take myself, but for the last month I haven't taken blog photos and I'll admit -- it's been a surprisingly nice break. A lot has happened in this last month since I returned from Greece, some of it pertaining to this blog, and it's really helped me put in perspective why I blog. I was having brunch with a couple of my girl friends the other week and they're friends that I've made through blogging. We casually mentioned over our meal that at times blogging becomes exhausting and, lately, it hasn't felt so fun anymore. I feel like the "market" {if you can all it that} for blogging has become so saturated, and people care more about fame than producing quality content or content that is true to who they are. They forget their initial prerogative -- what brought you here in the first place? What was the original dream? A number only means so much if integrity is compromised along the way, and a number only means so much if what you're doing no longer brings you joy. Just a bit of food for your Monday thoughts. 


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