"It does not have to be bravery or fear that causes you to leave a house {love} that does not know the definition of a home. You can just leave because the walls have grown taller, just because the air tastes like a perfume that isn't yours, just because you learning to value you."


It's not uncommon to outgrow: things, people, places, careers, habits, characteristics, tastes, etc. From when we are born through college we are used to growing - we outgrew tons and tons of clothes, we outgrew friendships and hometowns, we outgrew bad habits or character flaws. But after college the growing seems to slow and we settle into more of a routine. For most of us we start to think, "This is it. This is who I am, these are my friends, this is where I'm going to settle down, and this is going to be my path in life." We become comfortable with our lives, and the more deeply we become rooted in where we are, what we're doing, and the people we've chosen to be in our lives that harder it is to uproot ourselves. But sometimes, we have to realize that there are just certain aspects of our lives we've outgrown whether we wish it to be true or not. There are friends who we just don't have as much in common with, cities that just don't feel like home any longer, and jobs that feel like a daily dead end. And in such a case, for no reason other than the fact that you've simply outgrown it, you must uproot yourself, value yourself, and move on so you can grow - bigger, taller, stronger, deeper, and so much more you.


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