Weekend Feature: Fall Menswear Ideas

Outfit 1:

Outfit 2:

Hey everyone! I'm finally back with my weekend post :) I was really looking forward to posting more outfits, but this month is just jam packed with exams and projects. I hate midterm season!! :( 

Today's post is a little out of the ordinary. It's mostly for all my loyal male readers out there, because I know there are a few of you!! I know most of you girls probably don't care, but I love fashion in all aspects, not just dressing myself :) So I asked one of my friends, Sterling, to be featured on my blog and he was nice enough to agree and let me go into his closet and pick out two outfits for him. I never realized how small and limited a guy's wardrobe was until now! But thankfully, he still had a few good key pieces for me to work with, and this is what I came up with!

Outfit 1: White V-Neck, Plaid Flannel Shirt, Denim Shirt, and Cargo Utility Jacket with Dark Denim and Boots

I think for menswear, one of my favorite looks for fall is layers. I'm pretty sure almost every guy out there has a simple white v-neck tee, and I chose to layer a plaid flannel shirt over that. Flannel automatically adds a woodsy, cozy feel to any outfit, and on top of that I added a denim shirt. I love the denim and flannel combo because the denim kind of breaks up the textures and also adds a little something different. The best part of this outfit is probably the jacket (I know Sterling got his off of www.jackthreads.com). I think it's a great all-around piece for a guy to have in his closet because it's trendy yet still very wearable. It can work layered like this outfit, or with something more put together and preppy, like a pullover sweater layered over a button-down shirt with some darker jeans or slacks and casual dress shoes. For this particular look, I chose the darkest denim that Sterling owned and tied the entire look (which is very urban) together with his combat-esque boots. One thing to keep in mind is that fall weather can be pretty bi-polar sometimes. Thus, the more layers you have the better! Because you can either layer on or layer off, depending on the time of day :)

Outfit 2: Denim Shirt, Graphic Tank, Khaki Denim, and Boots

This second look is for a warmer fall day when you can get away with a tank inside. For all you guys out there - if you don't already own a pair of fitted khaki pants, I command you to go buy a pair now. And no, your casual dress pants that are khaki colored do not count. I'm pretty sure every time I've seen one of my guy friends wearing khaki skinnies, I will compliment or comment on their pants. My fashionista-self will melt even more if the khaki pants have some sort of plaid lining on/in it. Interestingly enough, it was after I saw Sterling wearing these pants for the first time that I asked him to be on my blog! But anyways, back to the outfit :) I wouldn't suggest this outfit for everyone - I think men's fashion is very much geared towards personal taste, especially when it comes to casual looks like these. But this was very Sterling, so I thought it was appropriate. I think the graphic tank with denim shirt leans towards hipster, but it can easily be substituted for some kind of graphic or plain v-neck tee if this isn't your cup of tea. But I do like the denim paired with a light colored pant and of course the rugged looking boots. If boots aren't your thing, I would suggest something similar to these Sperry's or something a bit more casual like these Tom's - if you can't tell, I really like the mid-top look for men's shoes. 

Alright, that'll be it for tonight!! Thanks for reading, and hopefully you boys like this post. And a big shout out to Sterling for all his help!! I'll catch you all next time, and have a happy Columbus Day weekend!!

E ♥ 

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