Channeling Jackie O

Coat (Juicy Couture - few seasons old) | Cardigan and Dress (Forever 21) | Shoes (Sam Edelman) | Watch (MK)

Happy weekend!! The semester is winding down (FINALLY!) and the weather is getting way too cold. I froze my butt off taking some of these pictures sans jacket. See how much I love you all? ♥

Now I know I am nowhere near as stylish or iconic as Jackie O, but this is my Jackie O outfit and I feel  as classy and conservative as can be in it :) so please don't rain on my parade. I've really taken a liking to black and white (and of course more bows). Forever 21 is a great place to find dresses in my opinion because you always find these unexpected gems at a really great price. The quality is surprisingly good on this dress, and I've had this cardigan for over a year now and it's one of my favorites! The only tricky part was the pockets on this dress. Luckily, my cardigan cut right at the bottom of the pocket - you don't want anything longer, and definitely not shorter!! I think this outfit was fated because I picked up these shoes a few months back and they go perfectly with the outfit. I love the classic tuxedo-like feel of the shoe with the t-strap that make it oh so cute. And paired with my cream peacoat from Juicy, well I either look like a walking black and white cookie or classically stylish. Either way, it'd be described as delectable (unless you hate black and white cookies...) and I'll take that as a compliment ;)

Thanks for reading and for the constant support!! I know I promised a nail tutorial but I broke a nail pretty severely today (while shopping...). Hey, go hard or go home right? I take my shopping pretty seriously. Catch you next time! :)

E ♥

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