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Holiday Gift Guide (Kate Spade): Under $100

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I realized today that I absolutely adore Kate Spade. The brand is very feminine and preppy-conservative but with a whimsical twist on it that just makes me smile. I've always said that if I could own all the clothes from one store it would be J. Crew, but now I think I want both J. Crew and Kate Spade to fill my closet so I could just die in the happiness of bows, vibrant colors, and structured designs. 

For this gift giving idea board, I chose five of my favorite jewelry and accessory items from Kate Spade that I either own or have been eyeing for the past couple months. I love this particular Kate Spade phone case because it's very Elizabeth Taylor-esque. As for the jewelry, I can never get enough of bows and pearls, and the "Love Notes" ring is one of my favorite rings in my collection :) Last, I think Kate Spade's winter-time accessories are to die for. They're cute and almost humorous - a tiara hat for all the self-proclaimed princesses out there, and well who can say no to "Hi-5" mittens?? 

I hope you all love these cute gifts as much as I do!! And I finally figured out how to properly create these collage/boards :) Little did I know, I've had the software all along and just spent the last hour and a half figuring out all the tricks behind these little buggers. So more of these to come! Thanks for reading :)

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