Pins and Needles :: Tapered Tartan Trousers & Jewel Embellishments

Hey everyone! Hope you're all doing well!

For today's look, I've paired together pieces that have all been featured in different outfits in the past. I always tell myself to choose wisely when shopping and not to buy something solely because I'm getting a great deal and the item is cute. However, for a frequent shopper like myself, it becomes quite difficult to walk away from a good sale, and I've never actually accomplished said goal. This year, I really want to work towards refining my closet and curating pieces that I know I truly love. I think it's safe to say that all the pieces I paired for this look are ones that are well-loved in my closet, and I believe this is actually the third time this J.Crew embellished oxford top has made its way onto the blog!

Lately, I've really been into loafers paired with a tapered, slightly cropped pant and a boxier cardigan or overcoat. Though I recently wore this same cardigan paired with these loafers in another post, I couldn't help but wear them again. They are both recent purchases that I have yet to get enough of!

 J.Crew Cardigan | J.Crew Collection Embellished Oxford - similar here | H&M Tartan Trousers (sold out) - similar here | Zara Loafers (sold out online) - similar here and here

Thanks so much for reading!!

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  1. nice tartan pants, i love long sweaters, especially in winter time :)
    Mrs Vain

  2. Love this entire outfit. Lots of classics but everything has an embellished twist making it more special!

  3. love this look so much! and awesome loafers <3

    x Maria
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  4. I love that you styled repeated pieces! I do this so often, especially given the typical college student budget. I have tartan pants just like those, and I absolutely love them for the winter time. You styled them perfectly with the embellished top. Love this!


  5. Thanks Maria! I was so excited to find these on sale :) xx

  6. Thanks so much Jackie!! I say take out the loafers and disregard the cold :) xx

  7. Thanks Christina! Totally agree! It's such a challenge to restyle pieces in different ways which is always fun. I think our pants may be the same ones! Are they from H&M with the gold zipper on the waist?

  8. Thank you Jess!! I am totally obsessed with the green/blue tartan print as well as a red and navy one!! xx

  9. Yes they are!! Must be the same pair! :)



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