"Fashion is a lifelong journey towards self-discovery" -Refined Couture

Yeah, okay I'm totally kidding. I was trying to be profound and channel the inner Confucius but it's probably not working. Unless you all liked that extremely sage quote of mine. Then maybe I'll humor you more in the future.

But on the real. I titled this post reflection partly because you can see through the reflection of my aviators {yeah, not so sage anymore right?}, and partly because there's a very therapeutic and deeply profound process to getting dressed each day. Looking through my last two years of blogging, it's amazing to see how my style has evolved and continues to do so. I've likened myself to a chameleon before, but actually I think I'm still on that path to self-discovery because I have yet to truly define my own style that is innately and indisputably me.  

I would be lying if I didn't say that I often find myself in a rut when I'm getting dressed. An outfit is just an outfit if you don't infuse your own personal style into it. A basic tee and your favorite pair of denim could be just that - a tee and jeans. But, a basic tee and your favorite pair of denim could also tell a thousand-word story if you put yourself into it. It's truly magic.

For all you cursed with the same affinity for fashion as I, you would know that these Birkenstock-style sandals and similar style flat-form slides and slippers are trending off the charts. The last time I wore a shoe like this was in eighth grade. We've previously discussed how I'm just a wee-bit of a hoarder {I'm nearly convinced it's genetic}, so it's really no surprise that my mother had a pair of these lying around in the basement. One suede cleaning kit and a bit of TLC later, they were looking nearly good as new! And now I want to slip them on with literally every outfit. 

This silhouette is a bit different from things I've worn in the past, but I've really found myself being drawn towards more simplistic but still put together ensembles. Is this minimalism? I am terrible at classifying styles. Someone more word savvy - help a sista out.

It is hot, hot, hot in NJ/NY in the summertime and our humidity level is no joke. The trick is light layers that cover without really covering. End goal: to feel like you're naked without being naked. And my summer hair? #canttamethemane

Aéropostale Vest c/o || Buffalo by David Bitton Dress {old} - similar here || White Mountain Slides {old} - current here {literally a fraction of the price of Birks; full website here} || Forever 21 Bag - similar here || Necklaces : Forever 21 {old} - similar here, My Monogram Necklace c/o, Gorjana c/o, ShopLately c/o || Ray-Ban Sunnies {vintage} - current here


  1. loved the outfit :)

  2. I really like this look.



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