Romp Around + {Let's Talk Body Image & Self-Confidence}

Rompers have taken the fashion stage again, and this is the only romper I own...pulled out from the deep dark crevices of my closet and hasn't been worn as a romper {I've layered it as shorts before, way back when I first started blogging} in four years. Why? Sounds like the beginning of a story to me! So get comfortable ladies {and gents}, grab a cup of coffee, a snack or two, and let's reminisce on Refined Couture's {awkward} teenage years. 

As always, I kid. But in all seriousness, this romper gave me a lot to think about. It just goes to show you the power of fashion and the impact a garment can have on your life. 

I purchased this romper back in high school when rompers first made their debut before quickly petering out. I believe I wore it once because I loved it so much, but I soon realized it was not the most figure flattering piece for my body at the time. Back then, I was about 25 pounds heavier than I am now. I had skyrocketed from wearing size 24 or 25 jeans to barely squeezing into a 27, comfortably fitting a 28 or 29, and owning pairs up to a size 30. I was a competitive athlete from the age of 12 through the end of high school, captaining a varsity team, and bringing my team to regional level competition for the first time. I was pigheadedly stubborn and intensely competitive, so consequently I suffered many injuries that amounted to injury-induced weight gain {back injuries are not a thing to take lightly - lesson learned}. 

From my junior year in high school through the end of high school and into college I internally struggled with my body image. During my senior year in high school I fell victim to cyber bullying, and much of it was directed towards my outer appearance. So to all you haters from back then, if you're reading this now: I hope you're in a better place in life and have moved on to actually having a life because I'm really enjoying mine, thank you very much. 

It was a tough pill to swallow, knowing that I couldn't wear certain pieces or trends because they simply did nothing positive for my shape. In college I called sports quits after suffering a bad ankle injury and multiple back injuries. I began working towards recovering and reversing the damage that had been done, and also returning to the body image that I was most confident in through physical therapy, proper workouts at the gym, and eating healthy. Surprisingly, starting this blog that random day in April two years ago has really contributed to my motivation and the progress that I've made, and I haven't once looked back.

I am in no way saying you have to be a certain size or weight to be beautiful or confident, but what I am saying is always strive to be the best you and the happiest you in the healthiest of ways. A lot of people ask me why I blog and why I take so many photos of myself. No, much to your dismay I am unfortunately not self-obsessed. Contrarily, the main reason I started blogging was because I wanted to share my perspective on fashion with all of you out there. I love fashion because a great outfit can truly change a person's day and their own perception of self, which is what I truly hope to achieve with this blog. 

Wear what makes you happy, wear what makes you feel beautiful, and most importantly, wear what makes you feel like you can conquer the world one concrete runway at a time. Don't let the petty words of others tear you down. Instead, let it be constructive - to build yourself up so one day you can look back and say: #screwdemhaterz. You did it :)

Now don't be ashamed girl, you do that double take when you walk past a reflective building or window display. Relish in your hard work and appreciate that fabulous outfit. Stay beautiful, be confident, and smile! ♡

 Romper via Lord & Taylor {super old} - similar here, love this || Zara Sandals - similar here || Forever 21 Bag - similar here || Forever 21 Belt {old} - similar here || Cole Haan Sunnies || Bracelets: Madewell, J.Crew, ShopLately c/o

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  1. This post is amazing, Erica! Your story is such an inspiration. It's so nice to hear about how strong you've been through everything. I'm glad the cyber bullying is over, and I hope those involved have moved on with their lives. You're doing big things!!




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