For the most part, I shy away from neons. Why? No, it's not because I'm not a fan of loud colors. It's because I'm Asian and let's face it - it's not the most flattering of colors against my yellow-undertoned skin. I'm not disregarding all neons because let's be real. I've tried on my fair share of neon garments in the dressing room only to look in the mirror, make a disgusted face, and remove said garment in haste. However, there is an exclusive, underground, probably endangered species of secret society neon garments that work their Asian Persuasion magic, and those are the neons that have blue undertones - God bless your souls blue-undertoned neons. Now please mass reproduce in a frenzy because my wardrobe is still lacking a neon yellow shoe that I would have loved to pair with this dress.

Ironically, Samantha and I decided to go with a neon theme for this collaboration. Okay let me clarify - I decided that we should go with a neon theme for this collaboration because who doesn't love a challenge? But mostly, I just really wanted to wear this dress and talk about the first neon garment I ever purchased that didn't make me glow yellow. As usual, I digress. Just click here to check out the rest of Samantha's bangin' neon look, comprendes? Muchas gracias mi señoritas. 

And yes - it has pockets...!!!

J.Crew Dress || Talbots Sandals via Momma Couture - similar here || Vintage Ray-Ban Sunnies - current here || Rebecca Minkoff Bag - similar here || J.Crew Necklace (old) || Bracelets: J.Crew, Madewell

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