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Top on the list of things I don't understand is the song "Summertime Sadness" by Lana del Rey. What is so sad about summertime besides the end of summertime, which is thus no longer summertime? Tempted to rename this post Summertime Happiness and that song September Sadness. Who's with me?

As a fashion blogger, I feel like there's always an unsaid pressure to buy the latest trending item on Instagram and constantly re-stock my closet with new pieces. Example : remember during the fall/winter when like everybody and their mom owned that plaid blanket scarf from Zara? I mean, guilty, I own it too but let's be real. If it wasn't for Instagram, I probably would never have known about the scarf nor would I have gone on a search to the ends of the earth to own it. Not saying I regret it because I love that scarf, but innately, I love a good thrift or bargain hunt and no real life person could afford those coveted Chanel espadrilles without blowing an entire paycheck.

 So today I decided to switch things up and composed an outfit entirely of repurposed/pre-owned/thrifted/vintage/what-have-you items that have been hibernating in my closet in wait for this moment. I purchased this Vince top years ago at a Buffalo Exchange in LA but this is surprisingly the first time I've ever worn it. I feel like much of my own voice in terms of personal style was repressed during my high school and initial college years out of fear of being different because what I was wearing wasn't "mainstream" enough with the everyday wardrobe choices of my peers. But as many of my friends often remind me now, I have an extremely "I don't give a flying flip" attitude towards the opinions of others regarding personal choices, all inclusive of what I wear. Self-confidence and personal happiness are my go-to life mantra. We can throw in "No Ragrets" as well.

And guess what guys? I've been a proud owner of these Jesus sandals for like eight years now - no shame. Beyond thrilled that they are once again in, and had so many people asking me last summer where they could buy a pair. I can't even tell you where you can buy Roxy shoes anymore, but I did recently purchase a companion for my Jesus sandals at J.Crew. Will be sharing on Instagram when they arrive in the mail! #ilovemailday #presentsfrommyself

P.S. Surprise! It has pockets. Why don't more shirts come with pockets? Just as I am a huge sucker for skirts and dresses that have pockets, I'm pretty sure I'd be even more of a sucker for shirts with pockets. 

Vince Top via Buffalo Exchange - similar here and here || Levi's High-Waisted Shorts via Melrose Trading Post - similar here || Roxy Sandals (old) - similar here || Vintage Bag via Momma Couture - similar here || Cole Haan Sunnies || Necklaces : c/o Gorjana, c/o My Monogram Necklace || Bracelets : Madewell, Etsy, c/o ShopLately || Rings : Madewell, BCBGMaxazria, Gorjana


  1. thats a really cute outfit doll! white is so serene and chic!


  2. Rosa María MartínJune 15, 2014 at 4:54 PM

    Hi!! Just discovered your blog and I love it!! :D I invite you to discover mine!! Hope you like it!! Kisses!! xx

  3. Thank you so much Rosa! I will check out your blog :) xx



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