"New York is not a city. It is a world."

Granted I spend every day in the city, but it's been awhile since I've journeyed in on a weekend for leisure and play. There's something magical about New York City that's ever present and effervescent. And indeed, it is not a city but a world. Within the city, you seem to be able to find yourself in so many {different places}. The depth behind that statement is something you must know and experience yourself. For example, spending a day in midtown is extremely different from a day in the Lower East Side or the West Village. Sometimes it feels like I've been transported to a whole new city, and I'll be honest -- the novelty really never fades. 

This was my first time shooting in NYC, and it was a whirlwind, literally and figuratively. But even a cold windy day in the city is still a beautiful day. I could get lost wandering the grid of cobblestone streets {dreaming quaint European dreams}. 

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