I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women feel more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence. 
{Yves Saint Laurent}

There is something about swingy layers and bow-adorned booties that makes me feel so feminine. I feel like I can twirl around like I'm five again, with the wind rushing around me and my skirt flying free with the wind as I turn round and round. That was the true test for me as a little girl to see if a dress was just a dress or a really awesome dress that made me twirl and feel like a princess. These days, I won't lie, I still love me a good dress that picks up with the wind when I give a little sashay or {maybe} a few twirls here or there. But I've also found other pieces that put a small, knowing smile on my face because they remind me of the days when I would spin round and round as the world blurred around me. 

I've partnered with Coco & Marie today to bring you a special 20% off discount code to shop their collection! They are a new jewelry line launched by two best friends who design chic but minimalistic pieces. Everything is handmade and perfect for every day wear. One thing I love is that almost all of their gold jewelry is gold filled over sterling silver. For those of you who aren't familiar, gold filled jewelry has the quality between gold-plated jewelry and solid gold, and the outer layer of gold has been bonded to the inner layer of metal for a longer life. Gold filled jewelry can last anywhere from 5 to 30 years, versus gold plating which I've found to tarnish quite easily. Check out the rest of their collection here, and shop with REFINEDCOUTURE20 for your discount!!

Madewell Crop Sweater {on sale!} || Flowy Tank Unknown {old} - try this || Abercrombie & Fitch "Alyssa" Jeans c/o || Kate Spade Booties {last season} - this year's here || Rebecca Minkoff Bag || Necklaces: Gorjana c/o, My Monogram Necklace c/o, Coco & Marie c/o {use code REFINEDCOUTURE20 for 20% off your entire purchase!!}


  1. Gorgeous pictures!

  2. Your photos are stunning as always and I love the simple, chic style to this outfit.

    Also, the jewelry is perfection! I love the clean, simple design all of their pieces seem to have.

    xo Jackie

    Something About That

  3. This captures autumn so well. I love the python print bag so much even though snakes freak me out haha. Also I didn't even know that about gold filled jewelry!



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