Comfy sweaters, warm drinks, and pretty colors.

The best kind of sweaters are not only comfy sweaters but multi-functional sweaters. If you remember, I recently shared this sweater from Madewell, and similar to that sweater, today's cardigan is similar in the sense that it also doubles as a {sweater jacket}. I think they're my new thing. Also -- further justification for my cost-per-wear mentality. If it doubles as a sweater and a jacket that means my cost-per-wear is now cut in half, right? Just go with me on this. 

It's also that time of year for plaid pants. This pairing almost makes me think of the festive holiday seasons with the luxe mohair shag paired with a rich tartan, topped off with bow booties. I'm pretty much all wrapped up and ready to jingle all night long. But I think we'll hold off on that until Thanksgiving passes...or at least we'll try to ;)

Sweater from Taiwan Department Store - identical here || J.Crew Top - similar here || H&M Bottoms {last year} - similar here || Kate Spade Booties via Momma Couture - this year's here || Rebecca Minkoff Bag || Belt converted from Necklace via TJ Maxx || Emblem Eyewear Sunnies c/o


  1. I love how you pair your outfits, those plaid trousers look great on you!
    The title of this post is quite amusing if you look up the british slang for 'shag' ;p

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

  2. I am in love with your blog and style!!! I became a super fan



  3. Lovely outfit and I love the photos!!

  4. Loving your plaid pants! :)

    Maggie A



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