Introducing : Night Candy

Every now and then I'm contacted by various companies to share their brand with you guys, my readers. I don't always say yes, but I was very intrigued by Night Candy because I found their pricing scheme very different than any other company I've encountered in the past. 

How it works: Everything is initially sold at a discounted price, but each time an item is purchased the price of that item increases slightly. However, the sale price never goes beyond the price that the item would've been originally ticketed for. Essentially, it encourages you to buy an item you love sooner rather than later to get the better deal. Interesting? I thought so too.

I've picked out a few items below that I thought were cute but versatile, easy to dress up or down. I also have a discount code for you all to receive $15 off your first purchase. Just enter: F2DM259 at checkout! P.S. It's free shipping so shop away!

If you make a purchase, please share on Instagram with #NightCandyVIP! I'd love to see and you could also get featured on the Night Candy VIP wall!
Click on the photos! They will take you straight to a shoppable page :)

This post was sponsored by Night Candy, however all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Beautiful mint colour!



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