In the Orchards

"If you were lost in the river of Jonas, your memories would not be lost with you. Memories are forever." - Lois Lowry {The Giver}

I still remember reading The Giver back when I was in the eighth grade, and I loved that book. I was quite the book worm, so I sped through the book and finished it a week early while the rest of the class was still chugging through it page by page aloud. Every year my family goes apple picking and I don't exaggerate when I say it's literally my favorite day of the year. The long drive up to New  York State, the scenic views, the scent of apple cider and fresh donuts, chestnut shells blanketing the ground, our favorite apple crisp dessert, and bags and bags of apples that we store away until wintertime. And in some way, it always reminds me of The Giver. Lois Lowry is right in saying that memories are {forever}

Though summer is all but over, I was still very excited to receive these sunglasses from Hammock & Palms. They remind me of the getaway to paradise that I need to plan {ha!}. What really drew me to the brand it's 100% bamboo design that floats on water! Too cool. Now I'll never have to worry about losing my sunnies to the pool or the ocean...unless of course the waves sweep it away. I'm actually super picky about sunglasses that I love because they need to be comfortable yet functional. I'm happy to say that these sunnies are literally light as a feather! No discomfort whatsoever yet still super great quality. 
Another thing that I really love about these sunglasses are the superb lenses. I'm nearsighted, but not to the point where contacts are recommended and glasses are necessary on a 24/7 basis. I usually only need my glasses for seeing things that are much further away or watching a movie, presentation, taking notes, etc. However, the annoying thing about most sunglasses is that they actually hinder my vision a bit more so I can't wear them while driving unless I were to get prescription sunglasses or be the crazy lady who wears her sunglasses over her normal glasses. In comes these Hammock & Palms sunglasses -- problem solved! They have amazing polarization and everything is just as crisp with them on or off. It's seriously a {love}. Thanks so much H&P!!

 Gap Sweater - love this || Lace Trim Tank Unknown - try this || J.Crew Pixie Pants || Coach "Tristee" Rainboots || Zara Scarf || Hammock & Palms Sunnies c/o


  1. I love this outfit, so cozy! Those boot are great for fall, awesome pics too!

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  2. I love your outfit and I must say that the outfit location you picked is so beautiful! It must have really been a nice day!

  3. You are too friggin cute! Love the look




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