Foliage + A GiGi New York Review!

My favorite time of year is undoubtedly fall. 

As much as I joke about being basic because loving fall has somehow become a basic thing to do, fall has been my favorite season since I can remember. Awhile ago I wrote a post where I poked fun at all the various career paths I've considered in my life -- one of which was a creative writer. It was actually one of my preferred majors going into college {which I didn't end up pursuing}, and I took quite a few writing classes just for fun. One of my favorite topics to write about was always nature, seasons, and namely fall

I want to share an excerpt of a piece I wrote many moons ago. It was inspired by one of my favorite novels {The Grapes of Wrath}. Maybe in the future as the seasons come, I'll share the rest...enjoy!

"The autumn is beautiful in New Jersey. Mountains of luscious green leaves, products of the spring and summer that had come and past. The currents surge forward like a troop of soldiers, driving out the summer heat and bringing torrents of wind and rain. Rain that streams and pours. Rain that waters the cracked earth. The luscious leaves begin to change. A change that brings new colors, new life, new feelings, and a new crisp in the air. The mountains become the fire of an artist’s palette: splatters of reds, oranges, and yellows. Time creates art, as the beholder watches a masterpiece unfold amidst his presence. As nightfall draws further away from daybreak, the leaves begin to breakaway from the branches of its mother, swirling and floating towards the earth in a flurry of color: a streak of paint here, another streak there, an artist’s brush busy at work. And the earth becomes of a burning furnace as the birds fly south and animals begin to hide away in the depths of their burrows, for the land was unable to fill the arms of the sower who had harvested and reaped the bounty of the soil."

I also wanted to quickly review my new wristlet phone wallet from GiGi New York! I received this in the mail recently along with a gorgeous datebook for 2015 which I shared on Instagram here. I've been a fan of GiGi New York for quite some time now and also own a couple other items from them which I previously purchased. First and foremost, I just want to say that above and beyond anything else, their products all bear the same beautiful craftsmanship and superb quality. Their items are also very unique to their brand, and when you spot a GiGi product you know it immediately. 

One of my favorite leather treatments they do to their products is the embossed python leather because it adds an even more luxurious and high-end feel to the item while also making it less prone to scratches. I knew I would love this wristlet even before I received it, but I didn't know how much I would {love} this wristlet until I actually had it in my hands. It's the perfect piece for any working girl or on-the-go lady who needs something that will store all her necessities in a beautiful, compact leather good. A detail that I really appreciated is the quality of the zipper. It's something I immediately notice about any zip-around wallet, and this one zips and un-zips with as much ease as a zipper can get...I'm not kidding. Even my leather zip around wallet from Longchamp doesn't zip as smoothly and the price point on that is probably 2 1/2 times this one. I was also happy to note that my iPhone 5 fit perfectly into this wallet even with the case still on! Definitely a bonus point. I've ditched all my other wallets and this is now my official go-to. Just for reference: it has four card slots, but each can easily fit two cards {so eight cards total}, and two larger slots for cash, receipts, etc. The one thing it does lack is a coin slot, but like Queen Clarisse said in Princess Diaries, it's not appropriate for royalty ladies to jingle!

Since my datebook is for 2015, I haven't had the chance to start using it yet, but at first glance it is just as well-made as this wristlet. There's great attention to detail and it's really much better than anything you could find at an office supplies store or the like. I'm pretty terrible at consistently writing in my datebooks to stay organized, but with such a luxurious piece how can you not?? You'll want to pull it out every chance you get, if not just to look at it! Literally counting down the days 'til November hits and I can start filling my gold-edged pages :)

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