"They were renewed by love; the heart of each held infinite sources of life for the heart of the other."{Crime and Punishment, Fyodor Dostoyevsky}

A good pair of jeans will always capture my heart. Being that I wear jeans to work 85% of the time, I've found myself constantly recycling the same few pairs despite owning a number of jeans too embarrassing to admit. Things I look for in a pair of holy grail denim: comfort, fit/cut, wash, and design. 

1) Comfort: I like me a pair of jeans with a good amount of stretch. Denim that's too stiff gets a little uncomfortable to sit for a whole day in and move around the office in. I especially hate jeans that don't have enough stretch and feel like there's negative give when you're sitting down and feel like they're digging into your knees when you bend your legs. 

2) Fit/Cut: All jeans are not made equal. We may all be wearing skinny jeans, but one pair may be infinitely more flattering than another pair. For someone my height {I'm 5'5}, I have proportionately longer legs and a slightly shorter torso. Therefore, when I put on a pair of jeans that make my legs look stockier than they really are, I know they are no bueno. A great pair of jeans will have a slimming-effect cut and also flattering in the behind ;)

3) Wash: I am very, very picky when it comes to denim washes. I prefer denim with less contrast in wash {aka, no extreme feathering, no extreme fading from dark to light, etc.}. I like jeans that are understated enough for me to wear regularly without making it blatantly obvious that I just wore these pair of jeans two days ago. Ya feel? 

4) Design: Sometimes less is more. I gravitate towards plain denim -- no pocket designs and no contrast stitching. In fact, one of my biggest pet peeves is contrast stitching on jeans. I personally feel like stitching that matches the wash of denim is so much more elevated while contrast stitching can often cheapen the look and feel of a pair of jeans. 

That being said, I love my new DSTLD denim. They are super stretchy, super flattering, a flat black wash, with an extremely simple and minimalistic design. They are the perfect everyday black jeans and what might be my favorite part is their inseam length. As I mentioned above, I have longer than average legs for someone my height, so often jeans are too short for me {there are certain brands that are also ridiculously long}. However, these jeans at the 30" inseam are literally perfection and I know they are about to become my next pair of lived-in denim. 
Another great thing about DSTLD is their affordability! Their denim is manufactured and washed in the same facilities as some major denim houses like J Brand, Citizens, and Hudson. However, because of their business model, they're able to offer their denim to you at a fraction of the price {we're talking $65 for premium denim}. I highly recommend you check out their entire collection here!


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