"I will shed all of this skin 
down to the very bone beneath it 
if that's what it will take for you to come to the realization that 
appearance is not what makes a human beautiful." 
{Christopher Poindexter}

Guys, I've discovered my summer love {cue One Direction} and it comes in the version of the most perfect off the shoulder top to ever be known to man. Probably an over-the-top statement since it's honestly the first off the shoulder top I've ever even put on, but kids...this is a lesson from life's books -- your first love can be your one true love, and love at first sight does exist. 

I don't talk about insecurities very often, and as a blogger I feel like many of us feel the need to try and portray this perfectly photographed life on Instagram, but let's be honest for a hot second because we're all human here and none of us are as perfect as the afternoon glow through a DSLR camera lens plus a little tweaking here and there on Adobe Lightroom makes us seem {can I hear an AMEN?}. For many years, one of my biggest insecurities has always been my skin. And y'all probably like, girlllll whachu talkin' about. Especially if you know me personally or have met me in real life, you're probably like sista insane she barely gets any acne. Which is a certain extent. Fortunately, I don't have severe facial acne less the stray zit here and there. However, I've struggled with extremely bad chest and back acne for many years now, and I absolutely refuse to wear anything strapless or extremely low cut {especially in the back}. You'd also never catch me dead in only a camisole even if it's 100º outside. I often look on at other girls with envy who have perfectly smooth skin on their chests and backs thinking, they don't even know how lucky they are. It's definitely something that I feel like most women take for granted and probably don't even think twice about. 

That's why for me this top is so magical. I love it because it makes me forget about my outward insecurities because inwardly in makes me feel confident, happy, and beautiful -- perfect skin or imperfect skin. I feel like the girl from Ipanema in this top {yes, I told you I love that song}; I feel like summer shines through me in this top. It's pieces like this where I'm reminded again why I so firmly believe in the power of a great outfit and the influence it has on your own self. 


Madewell Top {FYI I'm wearing a size L...typically an XS-S at Madewell} || Joe's Jeans Bottoms {old} -- similar here and here || Janessa Leone Hat || J.Crew Sandals {last season} - love these || Rebecca Minkoff Bag {old} || Sunglass Warehouse Sunnies c/o || Necklaces : Brooklyn Designs c/o, The Peach Box c/o {15% off with code 'tpb-refined_couture'}

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