Crescent Bay

"Meet me where the sky touches the sea.
Wait for me where the world begins."

I love to be by the sea -- the sound of the crashing waves, the ripple of the waves washing ashore, the smell of the warm sea breeze, and the heat of the sand between my toes. Though personal style for me is often inspired by my moods, I also draw a lot of inspiration from people and places. I can see why New York style and California style differ so vastly, and I often find myself packing for travel with my destination in mind.


Madewell Tee || Madewell Bottoms {on sale!} || Ann Taylor Necklace || J.Crew Sandals - similar here and here || J.Crew Panama Hat || Jay M. Bag c/o - similar here

Photos by JChenPhotography and Pamela Y.

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