"She was an enigma -- a conundrum, a paradox, my greatest problem and quandary. I chose her because I couldn't help it; I chose her because I always do."


So much of life is a mystery -- our natural born inclinations, the reasons we do certain things despite half our being telling us to do the opposite, the way we walk, the way we talk, our interests, our hobbies, our talents; it's a mystery who we love, what we love, and why we love. Human beings are complex organisms. Frankly, trees are complex organisms. Have you ever thought about how this towering, mammoth organism began from a seed? How it transformed from a seed into a sapling and eventually somehow developed this rough, brown exterior where it was once flimsy and green? How the trunk expands in rings year over year, while the leaves continue to bud and sprout each spring, remaining that same flimsy green despite the rest of the plant transforming into a completely different appearance? The complexities of a human are far greater than this. As a race we are an enigma, and as individuals we are the greatest conundrum.


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