The Road Back Home

"But you have to know that loving will never grow old, and that in those hearts now empty there is a part that knows how to come back, to become the persons that were made to know love and to be love, to be in love and beloved."


It's a feeling, it's a place, it's a sense of being, it's a sense of rest, it's the safety that allows you to let yourself unravel and become raw, unedited, unfiltered; it's the place of your truest self. How many people in your life see you at home? Not necessarily in your physical home, but at home in yourself. It's only the people we truly love or are in love with or find love in that bring us to that place of home. The same people who bring us back when we forget that loving never grows old, the ones who remind us how wonderful it is to be at home.


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