“If I had a flower for every time I thought of you...I could walk through my garden forever.” 

All the pieces.

Our life is a garden - constantly growing, constantly changing with the seasons, and requiring attention and nurturing in order to bloom into something beautiful. The things that grow in our garden are all the things that color our lives...the people who plant themselves in our hearts. We meet so many people in our walk of life: some who stay and some who go. Like flowers, they are perennial, biannual, and annual. Through all the points of our lives our garden bears blooms of all different varieties. While they bloom the flowers are beautiful, but not all flowers are meant to last. However, the ones that do - the ones that continue to grow - are the ones that bloom for the people in our lives who have deeply rooted themselves in our entire being. They become part of our essence...the aroma of our souls.


Hayden Cardigan via Bluefly || J.Crew Camisole || Madewell Skirt {old} || Renvy Shoes || Chanel 'Le Boy' Bag || Covry Sunnies || Izod Belt {old}

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