A Beautiful Storm

"I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible. And when I leave you will finally understand, why storms are named after people."

A beautiful storm.

When storms brew and when they unleash, what they will leave behind is largely unknown. Growing up in New Jersey, I've lived through my fair share of storms - from hurricanes to tropical storms to flash hail storms the size of golf balls, and the annual winter storm or record-breaking blizzard. I've seen storms that have left behind great disasters, and I've also seen storms that have left extreme beauty in their wake. The greatest storms are remembered by name and they leave behind legacies that, even after many years pass, are hard to forget. My earliest recollection of a hurricane was Hurricane Floyd that hit in 1999, and I was only 7 at the time. More recently, the East Coast was devastated by Hurricane Sandy and just last year we were buried in snow from winter storm Jonas. Like people, all of these storms had an identity and all of them were extremely unique. Like people, the major storms that we live through in our lifetime are ones we don't forget. We remember them by name because they are a part of our life's story. Sometimes storms coming whirling through our lives and they hit hard - knocking the breath out of us and pulling the carpet right out from under our feet. We struggle to recover from them, but ultimately we stand resilient. Other times, the storms that blow into our lives come with a quiet but great magnitude, and we walk outside to join the storm...to relish in its beauty and the aftermath.


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