Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Wear :: Gingham & Denim

PacSun Vest - similar here | Uniqlo Flannel | J.Crew Painter's Tee - similar here | Zara Jeans | Sam Edelman Boots - similar here and here | Uniqlo Socks | Cole Haan Sunnies - similar here | Michael Kors Watch | Necklaces: Gorjana c/o; Forever 21 - similar here

Hey everyone! This weekend I spent some time with my family and we traveled to the orchards for some apple picking. It's been a family tradition of ours to go every year around this time, so this year I decided to take you guys along with me! The view from this farm is absolutely breathtaking - rolling green mountains in the distance behind a sea of changing leaves. When I think of apple-picking and fall I automatically reach for some kind of flannel/plaid and my Sam Edelman boots, which are a fall and winter favorite of mine. I also love to layer for a cozier feels and to make deconstructing an outfit easier if it gets too warm during the day. I was hoping to share a few more photos of the view with you all, but the lighting was simply not coordinating, so I took you with me to frolic between the rows of apple trees instead :) Hope you all enjoyed your weekend and have a fantastic Monday! Thanks for reading!

E ♥

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  1. Your pictures are gorgeous E & you're so fall ready! I'm a sucker for farms, I love apple picking, pumpkin picking, and my favorite, korean pear picking. Hope you had a great weekend! :)

  2. Great pictures and the outfit is so cute!

    Greetings from London,

  3. hey, Erica. I just love that vest! I think it totally brights up your whole outfit and adds this really cool vibe to it! oh and those booties are cool too.

    by the way, I'm glad you would love to follow each other and keep in touch. I followed your blog via Bloglovin' (Maiken M) and of course here too (Maiken) and you can find my links from my blog :) see you!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. So fun and great pictures!! I've always wanted to go apple picking! I really really like fruit, so I always imagine going to the orchards and farms hehe. Such a cute outfit for your family outing! Happy Monday :)

  5. This is the epitome of a fall outfit spend outdoors!! Love the gingham paired with the combat boots!

    Veloria in Velvet

  6. Thanks Christine!! I am too...forever my favorite season <3 I've never been korean pear picking! Where do they even have that?? Hope you had a fantastic weekend too!!

  7. Hey Maiken, thanks for following! I will definitely stay in touch. Thanks for the sweet comment! xx

  8. Thanks Christine!! Fresh picked apples are 100 times yummier than the store-bought ones :) My favorite part of apple picking is eating it straight from the tree, haha. Hopefully you get the chance to go in the future! Have a great week!! xx

  9. You have such an amazing style! I love it, that's way I'm here, to let you know that I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! :)
    Check it on my blog.
    -xo, Milene

  10. Beautiful look, love the way the vest complements the outfit!!
    Great pictures!

  11. Beautiful outfit! Love the hint of gingham, really adds a great element to your look!

  12. Wow, love these scenic pictures and the gorgeous, stylish girl in them ;) I adore that vest and gingham shirt combo, so rustic yet chic! Also those boots are amazing, you can tramp through the countryside and still look very fashionable!
    That's such a cute family tradition, mine used to go to the Okanagan (it's an area in British Columbia with a lot of hills, lakes, and fruit orchards well known for wine, etc.) and we would pick peaches, cherries, and all kinds of fruits. Also, we ALWAYS had the best ice cream and went camping there every summer! I only wish we weren't all so busy lately with our own lives, I hope I can join my famjam on their next trip!

    xx Debbie

  13. I love your photos!! The photography is so great and your outfit rocks. That's such a cool vest and I love the way you paired it with the gingham.

    Thank you for reading my blog! I really love yours and I'm going to follow. Hopefully, you'll follow back :)

    xoxo Jackie

  14. Aww, thanks Debbie :) So sweet <3
    That sounds like so much fun!! I've only ever gone apple picking and strawberry picking! This place we went also has the BEST ice cream too! They have homemade apple crisp with ice cream and whipped cream on top....highlight of my day lol. If you guys ever go again, I'd love to see pics!!

  15. LOVE the layering going on here!

    steph /

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