1 Cardigan, 3 Ways

Classy and Sophisticated: Gap (cardigan), Urban Outfitters (dress), Forever21 (necklace), Black Belt (forgot where I got it)
Casual Night Out: Gap (cardigan), Dress (boutique)
Cute and Preppy: Gap (cardigan), Old Navy (shirt), Forever21 (necklace), Zara (jeans), J. Crew (belt)

Sorry for the lack of posts! If you read my note at the bottom of the last post, you'll know that I'm currently away for work, hence the extremely poor quality photos and editing. However, like I promised, I'm trying my best to blog for you guys, so I decided to show you my three outfits that I put together for my trip.

I didn't want to bring a bunch of stuff, so I only brought one cardigan. Therefore, I had to figure out how I could style that cardigan in three different ways to make it seem like three whole new outfits. The cardigan, if you can't tell from the pictures, is a peachy nude color. In the first outfit, I paired it with a more "conservative" looking LBD. I think for this outfit, without the necklace, it would have been a very "old" looking outfit, nothing interesting. But because I was able to tie in the color of the cardigan into the necklace, which is very J. Crew-esque, my problems are solved and you have a very chic outfit.

In the second outfit, I went with a more casual and comfortable dress which is actually supposed to be worn as a sundress. But I decided that if I paired it with the cardigan and threw on a pair of dressier shoes (wedges or flats, or even cute sandals), then I could up the sophistication of the outfit and turn it into an outfit for a casual night out instead of a casual day at the beach.

The last outfit is something I would probably wear as an everyday outfit, but it's also business-casual appropriate. I got so many compliments on my necklace the day that I wore this outfit, and once again I was able to tie in the color of the cardigan with my necklace and my belt (by the way, I wore this with the shirt tucked in!) 

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Thanks for keeping up with my blog even though I haven't been able to update it everyday, and once I get back to my normal routine I'll have better quality pictures up again! If you would like more posts like this, leave a comment down below!


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