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If you all have been checking up on my blog every so often, you'll know that it's been a long while since I've done an outfit post. I wore this outfit to my cousin's graduation back in early June and took pictures with the intention of posting them, but summer got super busy with family vacation and work so here it is now! Better late than never :)

About the outfit: I layered a black H&M top over a zebra print maxi dress that I purchased years ago in high school. To make the shirt look a bit more "cropped", I cinched it in with a gold skinny belt from J. Crew (which you can't see). The jean jacket was also a purchase from many years ago, but like I always say...denim is forever! I love the chunky necklace with this look, not to mention I'm a huge fan of hammered metal pieces. The bag is a metallic gold leather satchel from Coach, and my watch is from La Mer Collections (love their watches!)

Hope you enjoy! Check the links above to find similar pieces, and please keep reading and supporting!

I've made it my summer goal to post daily, and I promise not to disappoint this time! Thanks again and I'll catch you all tomorrow :)

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  1. You are so talented! I check your blog everyday for inspiration. Thanks girl for helping me out.



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