Black Friday: Haul!

Urban Outfitters:

 Tweed Jacket with Leather Detailing: $20

 Floral Top with Black Sleeves: $10
Lace Floral Top : $5

Black Tiered Sleeveless Top: $10
Infiniti Scarf: $10
(Everything additional 50% off clearance price - they typically extend this Black Friday deal through the weekend so check it out!)


Black and Metallic Sweater: $10
Angora Blend Knit Sweater in Oatmeal: $15
Black and White Striped Sweater (with Pink Stripe Detailing), Alpacca Blend : $10


 Floral Print Infiniti Scarves: $11.50 each
(Looks really good when worn together!)


Crochet Overlay Top: $6.25
Lace Overlay Skirt: $6.25
Yellow Cardigan: $6.25
(Amazing deals here - Additional 75% off clearance price!)

Twisted Peppermint and Marshmallow Fireside 3-Wick Candles (2 for $15 with coupon, deal is 2 for $20)
Studded Forever 21 Belt - $5.80

Happy Black Friday Hauling!! I hit the mall at 11:00 with my friend and waited in a massive line to get into Urban Outfitters. I can safely say UO was a madhouse - there was more clothes that ended up on the ground than the racks and I swear I could've gone crowd surfing with the amount of people that were pushing and shoving. The only thought running through my head was "MY SHOES!!" because I didn't want them to get scuffed or scratched...haha. Needless to say, it was quite a successful day of shopping. If you braved the crowds, let me know what great finds you picked up!!

Favorite find of the day: Black Tweed Jacket with Leather Detailing
Best Deal: Francesca's 
Where to go for post-Black Friday Deals: Urban Outfitters

Merry shopping and I'll see you all soon! (Yes, I'm FINALLY free from the stresses of school!!) I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends, and we all know the best remedy to a full stomach - seven straight hours of shopping :)

E ♥


  1. You have a great blog :) and you got really good deals. I'm hoping that UO does extend their sale because I was too scared of the crowds to take advantage of the sale on Black Friday

    1. thank you! and they do! i've gone back the past two years and they always extend the sale :) the crowds were ridiculous so you made a good choice! haha

  2. Cute haul!!!! great black friday deals!
    Follow me?
    -Jen <3

    1. thanks!! and i will definitely check out your blog :)



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