New Year's Eve (Nail Tutorial)

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All Photos and Edits are E ♥ Originals

After a week-long hiatus because of Hurricane Sandy, I'm finally back! Out of sheer boredom from the past week of doing absolutely nothing because I'm trapped in my house and school has been cancelled, I decided to try something with my nails that I've been thinking about for the past two weeks. This look was inspired by many things, including: this shirt, the MAC Glamour Daze Collection, this sweater. To  get this look keep on reading:

Step 1: Paint on any base coat of your choice - I used "Top 2 Bottom" by Orly
Step 2: Paint on one opaque layer of black polish - I used "Liquid Vinyl" from a French Manicure set by Orly
Step 3: Choose which nail you want each design to go on - I mixed things up between my left hand and right hand
Step 4: Starting with the thumb - use a gold polish of your choice (I used "High Roller" by Ulta) and carefully paint on a French Manicure tip. 
Step 5: For the index finger - paint on two coats of white polish, leaving a U-Shape sliver of black peeking through (I used "Whirlwind White" by Sally Handsen).
Step 6: For the index finger - After the white dries, use a dotting tool (or a toothpick if you don't have a dotting tool) and create your polka dots! To make life easier, I would suggest dripping some polish on a piece of paper instead of using polish from the brush. 
Step 7: For the middle finger - use your dotting tool to mark the v-shape point and the tip of your heart. Then outline the heart with your dotting tool and fill it in carefully with the brush. 
Step 8: For the ring finger - Use Sephora by OPI's "Only Gold For Me" Top Coat and glitter it up until you're happy!
Step 9: For the pinky - using your gold polish again, dot the middle and corner of your bow, and fill it in still using your dotting tool. With a dot of white polish, accent the middle of the bow and finish by adding some more white polka dots around it. Tip: I also like to put the bow at a slight angle to make it just a little cuter! 
Step 10: Once everything dries, paint on a coat of your favorite top coat - I used Seche Vite, my all time favorite :)

And if you're interested, on my other hand I swapped the design between my middle and index finger, did a french tip on my pinky, the bow design on my ring finger, and glittered up my thumb. 

Hope you like this look cause I know I can't stop staring at my nails :) And for everyone on the eastern sea board, I hope you're all safe and sound!! Love you all!

E ♥

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