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Sweater (Joe Fresh - past season) | Top (Love Culture - past season) | Jeggings (Joe Fresh) | Booties (Ugg Australia)

Hi again! Sorry about never posting a Sunday Love! With school cancellations and whatnot from the hurricane, getting back into the daily grind of school and all the activities that come with it has been tiring and stressful, and I feel like all my exams and projects are just piling up. I wanted to get this post out for all of you before I'm bombarded with more stress and work, and I'm also feeling a bit under the weather so I wanted to blog before it all hit me harder. 

So this look is all about transitioning those summery-spring tops into your fall wardrobe. I love this top I bought last spring from Love Culture because I'm a big floral girl - I love my floral prints :) It's helpful that this shirt is navy because it's much easier to tie into a fall wardrobe. Instead of pulling from the pastel/spring tones in the floral, I pulled from the mauve/dusty-rose color and went with burgundy jeggings, which are from a similar color family. The burgundy is very fall, and added with the navy you get a nice dark fall combo without being too drab. Because the top is very sheer, I chose a nice and chunky knit cardigan in an oatmeal color. When in doubt, always go with a neutral/nude - you can hardly ever go wrong! I also purposely bought this sweater in a size (or two??) up so I could wear it as an oversized layering piece. Finally, for shoes I went with my favorite booties this season :) You either want to go with a upper mid-calf to knee-high boot or a very short ankle boot (in a taupe/chestnut/cognac/brown - no black! It'll be too dark with this look.) because anything in between that will make your legs look stubby since the cardigan is very long. The only exception would be if you're super tall and skinny and were blessed with killer legs. Then by all means, rock the mid-length boots because the rest of us commoners cannot :)

Hope you enjoyed this look and I'll see you all next time!

E ♥

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