Say Hello to Fall (Part 3): Workwear Denim + Jewel Details

Hey everyone! Happy Friday :) I'm back again with another pair of relaxed fit boyfriend jeans (clearly a new obsession). Since I had a pair that were a lighter wash, I pounced on the opportunity to get a darker wash pair, especially since the ones at Aeropostale were a more tapered fit that I prefer versus  the typical boyfriend that's more baggy and destroyed. Like my pair from Rich and Skinny, these jeans are also very comfortable with the perfect stretch and that worn-in feel. Because last week's posts with my boyfriend jeans were both more casual, along with my two casual posts from earlier this week, I decided it was time to put on my big girl pants for a dressier pairing.

I've been mulling over what to pair the J.Crew Tilda top with for quite some time. I love the idea of a very feminine/dressy top paired with boyfriend jeans and a good pair of heels, so I decided that today was the day Tilda finally got to see the light of day. Because the jeans are so casual, I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit structured and tasteful - again with the juxtaposition. With a top like this one, it's important to keep the canvas "bare" in the sense that whatever is layered over it can't be too busy - hence the collarless blazer. How do you guys style your boyfriend jeans? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading, and have a fantastic weekend :)

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  1. So chic!! A fabulous timeless outfit :)

    Veloria in Velvet

  2. Hi! This is a lovely outfit! love your shoes!!
    would love to have us follow each other :)


    are 1 more day to enter my giveaway! It is about 160usd ;)

  3. Those jeans fit you perfectly....Paired with your heels are even better! Great outfit!



  4. Thanks Stacey! I'll definitely go check out your blog and your giveaway :) Would totally love to follow each other too!

  5. Thanks Ileana!! Jeans are super comfy :)

  6. This outfit is amazing! You look so casual and comfy and classy! It's got top fashion blogger written all over it!

  7. Aww, thanks for the sweet comment Isa!!



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