Sweatshirt Tee + Turquoise Accent (Part 2)

J.Crew Boyfriend Sweatshirt Tee | Rich & Skinny Jeans - similar wash | Roxy Sandals (old) - similar | Handmade Statement Necklace (gift by a family friend) | Michael Kors Watch

Hey everyone, and happy August! Today is the part 2 to Wednesday's part 1 feature of these Rich & Skinny relax fit jeans!  I think every Friday should be a mandatory casual look to segway into the weekend. I feel like today's outfit is very "boyfriend" themed, as my tee is coincidentally called the summerweight boyfriend sweatshirt, paired with my boyfriend-style relax fit jeans. Because the entire outfit was more on the slouchy side, I decided to add some color and tie it together a bit with one of my all time favorite statement necklaces. I love this necklace not only because it's handmade and unique, but it always reminds me of the ocean and I think it's all-in-all beautifully made. Last, I threw on my favorite pair of sandals as of late, and I was pleasantly surprised to find a very similar pair online by Chinese Laundry because the ones I own are actually many many years old (one of those things I bought and wore twice before forgetting about all together until the past few months). 
Though today's outfit is probably just as casual, if not more, than Wedneday's pairing, I feel like the overall aura of the outfit is slightly different and I wanted to share a couple ideas of how to style a pair of jeans like this. I am still on a search for a truer boyfriend style jean, so if those do make their way into my denim collection, I'm sure you'll see them here on my blog :) As always, thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoy your weekend!!

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  1. Such a chic and casual look. I love everything from the distressed jeans to the necklace and then those sandals! Love it all!!!



  2. Love how you dressed up the tee with that fab necklace! My kinda look :)

  3. Thanks Lilly!! Always love a simple and easy outfit :)



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