The Graduate

Hey all! Happy amazing Monday to all of you!

Today's post is a little different but very special to me since it's a commemorative post of my recent graduation from college. I wanted to share this post with you all for a number of reasons: 1) This blog is a big part of my life, and all of my readers are very important to me. My journey as a blogger wouldn't be possible if you guys weren't here to follow along with me, so I wanted to share this milestone with all of you as my friends here on blogger land! 2) This blog has really helped me find myself and my identity throughout college. I started this blog during the late spring of my sophomore year, and it's been with me ever since! I've seen myself grow and change as an individual, and it's also amazing to see how my style has evolved with me. 3) Refined Couture has been a huge part of my professional identity, and it's actually one of the things I talk most passionately about when seeking new career endeavors. I truly believe it is what helped me land the internship I had last summer, which transitioned into a full-time position that I'll be starting in a couple of months. I highly encourage all of you to take time to do what you're passionate about, even though it may not exactly be your field of study - you never know where it may lead you! 4) I wanted to take this time to thank all of you for being the wonderful you's that you are :) So thank you to all my readers, I'm so happy I could share this day with all of you, and a huge congratulations to all the other graduates of the Class of 2014!!! Cheers to a great future :)

Being very, very cheesy. But hey, graduation is a time to celebrate you and your accomplishments, so just be yourself! And don't forget to thank Mom and Dad for everything that they've done for you :)

And a final style tip! For graduation, I love a light summer dress, in either a pastel, white, or floral. Choose a nice, breathable fabric like 100% silk or cotton because your actual graduation gown is already unbearably hot on its own. I like to style my hair in curls because it gives more volume around your face since the cap itself is pretty fitted, and it also holds up much better in the heat, humidity, and wind as long as you use the right styling products! For makeup, choose a foundation that's long-wearing and matches your skin perfectly. It's okay to go just a tad heavier than your everyday makeup since you'll be taking a lot of pictures and you want your skin to look flawless in photos. I also recommend a good eye primer so if you choose to wear eyeshadow it doesn't crease in the heat! Good luck, and congratulations!!

E ♥

What I Wore: French Connection Dress (sold out) - try this, this, or this | Aldo Pumps (old) - similar


  1. I am so jealous of how great you look in a grad cap!!! Congrats girl :)

  2. Congratulations!!! Yay you did it! You look so lovely!!

  3. congrats girl!! love, love, love your dress!!! so pretty.

  4. Congrats! You look so elegant. Good luck on your future steps! (pun unintended with the photo :P)



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