Finding comfort in the comfortable.

I find a lot of comfort in clothes, and not just comfortable clothes for that matter. The mood of my entire day is set rather majorly by what I'm wearing that day. For one, I refuse to look like a huge slob that just rolled out of bed even if I'm simply going to the library to study. I have a "no sweatpants in public" rule {though that rule can be broken if said sweatpants are extremely fashionable sweatpants -- for every rule there is an exception}. I have ruined my own day by stepping out of the house in an outfit I did not completely love because I was already running supremely late and didn't have the time to try on a 10th option {serious first world problems...I apologize}. In college I used to relieve stress by doing pre-exam shopping and then congratulatory post-exam shopping. Thank God for living at home for most of my college years. The worst part of my freshman year and dorming experience? Never having the chance or the means to go shopping. I'm convinced that was the year I lost myself because I was totally guilty of wearing horrible university logo'd sweatpants out and about campus. I still cringe at the thought and the photos that survive on Facebook as living proof. 

Don't get me wrong though. I love the socially acceptable pajama pant. Greatest trend ever invented {please stay forever hot and never not}. Solid, silk, printed, cinched, whatever. Can we all just be like Princess Jasmine? It's a whole new world and this is the most fantastic point of view. But just a little style tip: we can't all rock the off-the-shoulder-bustier + harem pant look like Princess Jasmine, nor do we have long flowing locks and large gold earrings each a quarter the size of our face {and a very nice tiger pet as an accessory}. Instead, opt for a dressed up/dressed down look to be comfortable but still socially acceptable.

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