Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal. - Arthur Schopenhauer

Many things are perpetual -- change, time, life and death, habits, worries, love, growth, etc. In fashion there are few things that remain perpetual aside from change in trends, but perpetuity in fashion does remain in classics. For me, black and white is the core of said perpetuity. Take a classic black Hermés Birkin bag, or a classic black Chanel flap bag - these things have been around for decades and will remain indefinitely. Similarly, an all-black pairing, an all-white pairing, or a black and white pairing will never be out of style. The exact pieces you choose to pair may change, but the color pairing itself is forever. 

Speaking of perpetual, this is the same tee I wore in Monday's post. I realized I had been lacking a classic black tee in my wardrobe for forever and have found myself reaching for this one constantly ever since adding it to my collection. It's a true wardrobe basic that pairs with everything from my comfy joggers to a body-hugging pencil skirt.

J.Crew Top {sold out} - similar here || Club Monaco Skirt {on sale!} || Zara Shoes - similar here || J.Crew Necklace || Cole Haan Sunnies


  1. I passed by your blog since I saw the link on your Instagram and I love you blog header! (The lipstick is very cute.)

    I really love your skirt! And you have great hair. And you're very pretty, too!

    xx Patricia

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous. Amazing look!

  3. Awesome look, love your shoes!

    Having an autographed 1D Make-Up Giveaway on my blog!

    99 OUTFITS



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