Snow or Shine

"And in the end, we were all just humans...drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness."
{F. Scott Fitzgerald}

It's officially official guys...I'm a three-peat offender. Sorry, I will never be sorry. Being a blogger is hard work and if you're not a blogger you're probably internally scoffing and rolling your eyes at me as you read my words. But to all my fellow blogger gals out there, I know you are nodding furiously in agreement. There's the constant struggle of trying not to re-wear the same pieces or not creating a similar look with different pieces because "my new pair of jeans with this stripe top plus my cool looking coat looks just like that outfit I posted last week in those other pair of jeans that look suspiciously like the one's I'm trying to blog right now and my other cool looking coat is just two shades lighter and three inches shorter than this one". Confusing? Yeah, my room thinks so too -- that's why it's constantly in a perpetual state of {creative} mess. It takes time and it takes dedication and frankly, it consumes my {and my sister's} life on most Sundays putting together multiple looks to pre-shoot and pre-draft for the coming weeks. Come days like yesterday when the weather just really isn't on my side, well the show can't exactly stop. Deadlines need to be met and my poor shoes need to be sacrificed as I pray that none of my leather goods take the brunt of Mother Nature's beating. Oh yeah, happy March? I practically didn't notice with the fresh coat of powder outside. 

Despite the flurry of snow, I had a lot of fun putting this outfit together! I was recently introduced to IfChic, and I had the opportunity to shop their site during their past #ifchic24 event. IfChic is an online merchandiser of select designers and brands, from brands like Cameo to Walter Baker to Finders Keepers. They have a pretty awesome selection of goods if I do say so myself, and it was definitely tough cleaning up my cart from the near twenty items I had picked out. Every month they run their #ifchic24 event, which lasts 24 hours from 12 AM to 11:59 PM EST. In the month leading up to the event you can collect coins on their website, each worth $2, for a maximum of 3 coins daily worth $6. Meaning, you could essentially collect up to $180 worth of coins each month to shop their event on the 24th! If you check out their collection, you'll see that $180 can go a long way towards your purchase. Head over to their site to sign up and start collecting your #ifchic24 coins! You'll see a pop up like the one below soon after you start browsing. Also check out a few of my other favorite pieces {1, 2, 3, 4, 5}, all under $200! So start browsing, get collecting, and sign up to shop their next #ifchic24 event!!


Walter Baker Leather Jacket c/o || Madewell Top {old} - similar here and here || Kate Spade Skirt {old} - similar here and here || Jay M. Bag c/o || J.Crew Pumps - similar here || Devon Leigh Earrings


  1. OMG i love this blog post, it’s amazing! I like how you've written it - it sounds so good! Gorgeous skirt - it looks great with the jacket! Definitely a new follower here! You definitely deserve more followers! Your blog is so cool, i just love the layout and design, it's really modern and sweet!

    Seen as i've followed to your blog, would you mind checking out mine? It has taken me ages to design and i just love writing on it, but i don't have much of an audience and you could help to change that! Please please please follow and check out a few of my blog posts, i would appreciate it SOOO much! If you do follow me back, I will add your blog to my ‘blogroll’ as a shoutout! Comment on one of my posts so that i know that you have seen this! xx

    Ellie xxx

  2. These photos are so great! You are making winter look incredibly chic! So, so great! XO


  3. I love that skirt :) Adorable!

    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

  4. eEEP! How are you wearing a skirt in the cold? You look fab tho!




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