"Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough."
{Emily Dickinson}

It's been beautiful weather over here in the NYC area lately and I've been experiencing some serious FOMO while I'm at work. I think a few months ago I shared a piece of writing I did and I believe I promised to share the rest. I think I might have skipped over the winter portion {oops..!} but not trying to reflect on that anytime soon. Maybe next winter...but for now we think spring! Hope you enjoy!

The spring is beautiful in New Jersey. White mountains upon dirt mountains begin to melt away, dissolving into the earth like sugar. Seeping in through the hungry lips of a deprived land, the winter becomes a memory in Mother Nature’s book of Life. From hibernation to liberation, life begins to stretch its limbs ready to start anew. The clouds weep tears of joy as dry brown becomes a blossoming green, and the bare locks of trees begin to cover itself with promises of beauty. Flat barren landscapes become buzzing hives of work: rebuilding, re-establishing, re-inventing. Mornings are welcomed once again by the chorus of birds, each twittering their own tune as newborns squawk with unseeing eyes, hungry. Hungry for nurture, hungry for attention, hungry to depart on wings to independence.


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  1. outfit on point x

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