The Chase

"There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind."
{C.S. Lewis}

For many people, life is about the chase. We chase people, we chase love, we chase money, we chase success; we often chase things that are better left un-chased. We spend so much time and effort and emotions chasing things that need not be caught when there are far better things that await and far better things ahead. I used to be a chaser...of people, of friends, of acceptance, of recognition. I chased things not for myself but for others. I chased things that should have long been left abandoned. Now, I no longer believe in chasing, but I do believe in pursuing. To chase means to go after something with a reckless abandon, trying to catch something that doesn't want to or cannot be caught. But with pursuit there is a decided determination, a striving for accomplishment, the attaining of an end goal. You shouldn't chase love because love does not need to be caught, it needs to be pursued. You shouldn't chase people or friendships that aren't reciprocated, the ones that matter will always be present. And last, you shouldn't chase money or success, but instead your life should be about the ultimate pursuit of happiness, not running after the whisper of something that was. 


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