"While gazing at myself from yourself, I was beautiful."
{Dejan Stojanovic}

I've been very into things with more of an 80's or 90's vibe lately, which goes without saying as many of our current trends were trending around 15-30 years ago. I've mentioned before that my mother has always been one of my greatest influences when it comes to personal style and a love for fashion. Growing up, I often received comments from my friends about how stylish my mom was and how un-momly {not a word} she dressed. Like mother like daughter, my mom also loves hanging onto sentimental pieces and this skirt fell into the category of sentiment. She's owned this skirt probably for longer than I've been alive or maybe just as long, and when she dug it out of the closet for me the other day, I was smitten. Digging through my mom's old clothes is one thousand times better than vintage finds in thrift stores because I know that the love in each garment is a love passed on from her.


Madewell Tee {old} - current here || Vintage Skirt via Momma Couture - similar vibe/color here || J.Crew Sandals {last year} - similar here || Vintage Bag || J.Crew Panama Hat || Madewell Bracelets - here {great for petite wrists!} || Coco + Marie Necklaces c/o

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