"Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world; our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance."

It's been a journey, and the road continues yet.

Being a style blogger has taken me a long way from who I used to be in the most positive of ways. While high school is rough in its own way, I feel like the years before that time in your life almost impact your life in a more sensitive way. In elementary school, I was bullied on the playground and that was where I learned to grow tougher skin and stand up for myself. In middle school, I grew up as the minority and it was difficult being the 2% in your grade when it comes to race. I didn't know how to identify what beauty was aside from what those around me considered beautiful, and my features naturally didn't fit that mold. It wasn't until high school that I could look in a mirror and recognize that the person staring back at me was and is beautiful in her own way; I didn't need the approval or acknowledgement of others. 

In college, I met my very best friend. We are two very different people, yet we find that together we become the better version of our own selves {yes, I sound like I'm describing a soulmate, and not my best friend...but let's be honest -- best friends are essentially soulmates ok}. We often talk about how self-acceptance and self-confidence are so important to who we are. Before you need another human, whether it be a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a best friend, or just friends in general, you have to love who you are alone and know your self-worth. It's not easy being a style blogger. It takes a lot to put yourself out on the internet for the world to see and scrutinize. People make judgments and assumptions, passerby's give you weird looks or simply just stare {#noshame} when you're taking blog photos in very public places, restaurant-goers also stare as you re-arrange your food and stand over your table taking thirty photos while your food gets cold {#doitfortheinsta}, and there's just the simple truth that all over the internet and amongst the network of people you know there will be haters. But all of that is okay as long as you are okay with being yourself -- comfortable and happy in your own skin. I snapped these photos last weekend at the pumpkin patch with two of my very good friends, and although it may look like the pumpkin patch was absolutely empty it was actually the complete opposite. We had to roll about 15 pumpkins over into one condensed area, fill our wheelbarrow with another five or so pumpkins, and hang around taking photos on and off as we waited for the clouds to pass and the sun to shine and for strangers to get out of the frame of our photos. Did people stare? Probably. But did we care? Absolutely not. We had the greatest time and lots of laughs being our weird little selves {#sunsalutations}. 


Special shout out to Golden Willow and Dark Sunflower. Much love. xx 

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