Listerine : Is Your Mouth On Your Side?

Thanks to LISTERINE® I'm practicing good oral care as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #Listerine

Oral healthy and personal hygiene are a huge part of all our lives. We undoubtedly put a lot of effort into our appearances because when it comes to first impressions, the first thing that is perceived by others is how we look. But appearances begin well before perfectly styled hair, flawlessly applied makeup, and beautifully paired outfits -- it begins when we wake up in the morning and before we sleep at night; it begins with oral care. 

As a child, I was never a huge fan of the dentist. In fact, I have some fond memories of kicking and biting my dentist because I just wasn't having it and I preferred to be anywhere else than in his exam chair. However, as I got older, I realized that our mouths says a lot about who we are, and it has a significant impact on how others perceive you -- from assumptions about your personal life to your success in your career. Interestingly enough, 3 in 4 Americans say the state of their mouth determines how they look and feel, nearly as much as their weight, and that is something that I'll have to agree with 100%. Having a healthy, beautiful smile makes me feel just as confident as a great outfit does. 

As a professional, I spend the majority of my day conversing and interacting with others, so having a clean and healthy mouth along with fresh breath is something I find so important. However, simply brushing and flossing twice a day aren't enough. Brushing your teeth alone misses 75% of your mouth, leaving millions of germs behind. Left untreated, these germs can cause other oral health issues later down the line, including plaque and gingivitis. While more than eight in ten people think that they have a healthy mouth, the truth is that most Americans suffer from some sort of oral disease and about half of all Americans between the ages of 20-64 have lost a tooth because of oral disease. We're all only given one set of teeth, so like everything else about our bodies, we should treat them right and take care of them. Many of the oral care issues that affect us can be prevented by simply adding a mouthwash like LISTERINE® twice a day into your daily oral care routine to help ensure that your mouth is always on your side. With LISTERINE® Antiseptic you can achieve up to five times healthier gums in two weeks and up to nine times healthier gums in four weeks because it cleans virtually 100% of your mouth. LISTERINE® is committed to promoting healthy oral care habits, that's why they're partnering with Oral Health America, who's FALL FOR SMILES campaign is committed to educating the public about the positive impact good oral health can have on one's overall health and well-being. OHA's mission is so important to LISTERINE® they are jump starting the giving with a $20k donation, with the hopes of reaching $40k through consumer engagement!


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All data reference in this post was provided by the LISTERINE® Brand Survey. To learn more, please follow this link.

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