"We are shaped and fashioned by what we love."

(v.) To make into a particular or required form; to use materials to make into

A rather rhetorical thought, but eloquently stated. You are the people you surround yourself with, you are the air that you carry yourself with, you are the makings of the family you grew up in, you are the places you've traveled to and the cultures you've been immersed in; you are all the things that you love or used to love. As we grow, the way we are fashioned also grows and evolves. Just as our loves change, so do we. But even as your loves change, it doesn't overwrite or negate the loves of your past; your new loves simply add to the complexity of how you have been and will be shaped. And in that same stream of thought, surround yourself with true loves so as not to be fashioned into something or someone you are not. For it will forever become a piece of you, no matter big or small, it's been written into your history and will become part of your legacy.


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