"Go with the choice that feels like freedom."


Life is full of them, and some bigger than others. The older we get, the more weight each decision we make carries. It's not so easy to undo choices or change paths once a decision is made -- there are so many other factors than just me, myself, and I. In college the biggest decisions were what classes should I take? What professor do I want? What should I major in? But none of those decisions were all that binding -- schedules could be changed, classes could be dropped, majors could be swapped. Theoretically, life after college should be relatively similar right? Find a job, choose a city, start a career. But I've found in the last year and a half that it's not so simple. You might start somewhere because it offered you the chance to move to the city you dreamt of being in after college, or you might accept a job because it was at your dream company or industry. It's pretty simple-minded to think that a path change is easy because in college that's what it was. Nothing is ever set in stone, and that much still holds true. But in the professional world, experience is invaluable, time is money, and so many other factors weigh in on the decision making process. There are endless things to consider such as work life balance, benefits, whether switching jobs will result in a demotion after you had worked so hard for that promotion, salary, company culture, coworkers and friends, location, etc. The list is quite extensive and I'm not so sure a pro/con list will give you the answer you're looking for. So in the end what do you have? You have the choice that feels like freedom. The one that no doubt brings you great relief and peace. The choice that gives you a renewed sense of hope, the one that ignites your heart, the choice that feels like possibility.


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