"Time changes all things, but the one thing that remains unchanged by time is time itself."

Relays and requiems.

The flood of memories that visiting an old, but familiar place can bring is an odd thing. I spend most Sundays driving around my town and surrounding neighborhoods with my sister scouting locations for my blog photos, and since it was particularly freezing on this day we were able to snag the track at our old middle school for this editorial. Back when I attended middle school here this track was unfinished. It was a 400m ring of dirt and gravel and I still remember the crunch of the rocks beneath my feet as I sprinted around the track, leaving behind a cloud of dirt in my wake during track meets and practices. Now, it's as beautiful as the track we had at our high school, and the field in the middle is turf, not unkempt, patchy grass. It doesn't seem like so long ago that I left this all behind, but now counting back the's been a decade. My days of relay races and 800m dashes are now but fond memories. I find myself running new races now, passing my life baton onwards and upwards as life moves along and new milestones are met, but always sprinting towards the finish line.


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