"There is this feeling in me of wanting to lift my hands unto the universe and feel the feeling of giving the world my entire body."

When everything old is new again.

Don't throw the past away, they say. Because as history tells it, what goes around comes around. I'm a Grade A hoarder when it comes to things with any sort of sentimental value, and for me clothing falls under the category of things with sentimental value. Half the time I hate that I struggle with letting things go, but the other half of the time I relish in it. If you threw the past away, you'd never leave room for re-discovery. When everything old becomes new again, you never know when you'll fall in love again.


J.Crew Sweater {old} - similar here, here and here || Madewell Jeans || Van Eli Boots - similar here and here || Biltmore for Madewell Hat - similar here and here || Vince Camuto Bag {old} - love this and this

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