90s Baby

"Sometimes she did not know what she feared, what she desired: 
whether she feared or desired what had been or what would be."


It's become a word that comes with a lot of baggage and connotations of both the positive and negative variety. We grew up in the era of burgeoning technology and we witnessed firsthand how quickly success could be made through innovative ideas and breaking barriers. We are the generation of YouTube sensations and social media empires. We live our lives largely through a virtual reality as we hold the world almost literally in our hands. Often we are pinned as lazy or self-entitled because so many of us aspire to be self-made entrepreneurs, the next great success. We grew up in a world that was like a train gaining speed at monumental rates and thus, not surprisingly so, it's made us impatient. So many of us expect greatness, but the path to greatness is not always so clear. It doesn't mean we're lazy or self-entitled, we just have big dreams and a different idea of how to make ends meet. It means that sometimes we're scared and sometimes we're confused; sometimes we forget what exactly it is we want and how exactly we had planned to get there. But that's okay, because we are willing and we are courageous -- we are the 90s babies.


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