Cozy Blush

"True love will triumph in the end - which may or may not be a lie, but if it is a lie, then it's the most beautiful lie we have."


I believe there are always two sides to every story, two sides to every truth. It depends on the lens through which you see a situation and the shoes that you place yourself in. Until recently, I've always found it difficult to see the other side of the truth because whether consciously or subconsciously, I think it's only natural for us to have an immediate bias to a certain side. It's a slightly convoluted idea for a truth to have two sides because then which side is the true truth? They say that the truth will set you free, but sometimes I feel like the truth is more complicated -- it's multi-faceted. The truth is what we want to believe it to be, it's the truth that we choose. So yes, true love will triumph in the end because it is the love that we chose, just like the side of the truth you choose to see and believe will prevail.


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